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"Is there or not alive prehistoric men remaining on our planet today? Such is in brief the question in which we know in advance that a binary answer of type yes or no will not give complete satisfaction. Because it is at first a question on ourself, on our own mode to think and of assertion of what we are that we settle today." B.Heuvelmans

Hominids Relics of Central Asia


The term of hominid defines in a very general way, the current man and his fossil ancestors bipeds which are clearly different from monkeys, but different by their archaic characters and still live in the XX° in the form of isolated populations and relictuals. It is those of such Hominids Relics which survive in zones moved back by the planet, as the chain of Hindu Kush.

dibujo de Jordi Magraner Ilustratcon del " Barmanou "

History and Geography:

They were known under the names of "Pieces", "Satyrs", "Fauns","Men-animals", Wild men" hairy Men " or still " Man of Wood " .Victime of the mediatization and some mixture with the question of " the Man of Snows ", their survival did not hold attention of scientists with a few exceptions. Furthermore, it is clear that they are endangered.

Portrait d' Aïno dessin du barmanou par Jordi


En haut, statuette de Vénus paléolithique trouvée à Gargarino, URSS ( d'après Porchnev, 1968). En bas, Montreurs d'homme sauvage, sculpture en ronde bosse du portail de l'église de Semur en Auxois (côte d'or) , qui date du XIIème siècle (photo de Bernheimer,1962)
Représentation d'hommes velus, parmis d'autres animaux parfaitement identifiables, en bas celui de Pékin (Chine) , en haut celui d'Ourga (Oulan-Bator , Mongolie)

He exists in the North of Panjsher, a region which is called Parian the word "Bet", which means "spirit"( in the sense of wild man) and Parian means " The Country of the Spirits ". In Chitral and in Badakhshan " Almasti " means "big eater". It is the name which is given to the wild men because they are considered as making important raids in the cultures. In Persian and in the related languages we say "Almas".

This search joins in a vast company, that of all the Soviet team of cryptozoologistes since 1958, around Professor Boris Porchnev, which knew well the zone canvassed in Wakhan, in the North of Hindu Kush, to which is added the study of:



el hombre congelado

The frozen corpse which Bernard Heuvelmans had tried to describe in 1968, both men (Porchnev and Heuvelmans) having chosen to join to publish in French the synthesis of the knowledge.

L'homme de néanderthal est toujours vivant Porchnev et Heuvelmans (photo du livre)

Wanting to verify the existance of these particular human beings, Jordi left an already well built base. He began by developing the first protocol of scientific study detailed on the basis of the external description of the corpse. (Thus nothing proves that it is not a Gay man sapiens). The first one who contains a systematic questionnary based on the anatomical description of the hairy man realized by Heuvelmans and by bringing his experience of naturalist of ground, rare nowadays, by determining the ecological niche of the testimonies.

jordi search

Without forgetting the exemplary searches of Marie-Jeanne Koffmann's ground in the Caucasus which confirm the data pulled by the testimonies at the anatomy of the foot, the walking of the creature and the material indications.

marie jeanne koffmann

Studies on the ground, Testimonies and Jordi Magraner's meetings

Zoological research analyst for various companies, Jordi succeeds in defining the ecological and human context to understand the origin of the testimonies and test the part of the myth. And he learns the language of the natives(autochthons). All his testimonies are unpublished. An ethnological discovery which was made at the price of physical efforts and a considerable will. It was necessary to Jordi and his two friend Erik L' Homme and his brother Yannick, to travel immense distances, on foot, in deserted Himalayan mountainous zones, where the human being does not venture except some nomadic shepherds. It was necessary to question hundreds of witnesses in the funds of valley, before understanding that he had not made a mistake in the choice of the North Pakistan and that it was possible to collect testimonies, but at high altitude ( Upper to 3000 meters). 27 only met individuals answering the anatomical description.

It is a solitary work, a personal project, but led in a exemplary way with few ways.

 sitio de Boroghil

Methodology of the Testimonies:

A validity of witnesses: direct Observer or direct informant.

The direct transmission of the testimony in investigator in the language of the witness (Khowar or Chitrali) to avoid the deformations caused by a translation, in a spontaneous narrative, repeated without intervention of the investigator.

The basic information, Jordi had finalized a very precise questionnary, including points relative to the external appearance of observed beings and built from the characteristics evoked by Dr Heuvelmans

A first identikit picture

Dibujo de Jordi Magraner

Iconographic marks (current Man, great apes, of the macaque, the fossil primates, as well as the representations of wild and hairy men (in the broad sense) such as the specimen describes by Dr Heuvelmans.

aulx sauvagesaulx sauvagesJordi Magraner testimonios

Testimonies in Pakistan by Jordi Magraner

Click the images to read the narrative of the testimony.

jordi coje testimonios témoin

Testimonie n°22: Ata Ul ( witness) showing the reconstitution that she chose, the man pongoïde.

témoin 22


observation traces de pied de barmanou

Testimonie n°12: a barmanou at the foot of a big spruce. (On the photo, Jordi)

Jordi sous les branches d'un épicéas


To be continued...

" Why, then, that scientific testimonies are or try to be collected for decades without arousing of real interest in the environment fontionnary of the science, something becomes today susceptible to be heard by her and by the humanity among which it, its science, establishes this shape of look which the cellular collective of his men turns on one and on the world. And why instinctive levyings of shield at the partisans of the myth who - in defiance of the testimonies collected here and there and in particular during two years in the mountains of the North Pakistan by Jordi Magraner - would want to show at first that it was have to be true, before trying to know if it or not, is.

What is there thus to dread that we already know because we dread him? As it would be stubbornly wanted that hominids cavort only in etheres fields of our conceptions and especially not in that inertial and massive of our perceptions. Although he is there, if they are there, they are undoubtedly discreet and safe not to be seen if we do not intensely want to see them. " B.Heuvelmans

According to the extracts of the accounts depiction of the Troglodyte General assemblies of the Association.