Having collected the testimonies and iconographic marks, Jordi could draft a narrative of the situations and draw sketches illustrating the diverse testimonies.

Witness n°22

croquis jordi


On May 24th, 1990 at about 10:30 am of the morning, three children, two boys and a girl, played near a canal in border of the village situated in approximately 2000 meters in height. The weather was beautiful. The girl was the first one to see a hairy woman; frightened, she hid behind a rock. Both boys noticed the presence of the hairy woman while she was already for their height. She came from the mountain. She went to the smallest of the boys, threw him on the ground all at once of hand then seizes it. Other boy, frightened, lowered towards the village and joined the girl. They transfer the hairy woman to run away towards the mountain with the little boy, four-year-old, named Gul. Two other terrified children took refuge with a nearby garden. The boy told the story to his father who alerted the village. According to the descriptions of the boy who said that the unknown had the dark skin, the villagers thought that it was about a nomad Gujar. A beat of thousand people got organized in the mountain. In vain, they did not find either Gujar or disappeared child. They concluded that it was the " Pâri " ( spirit) which had kidnapped the child. Three days later, a group of men spotted to the twins of the blue clothes at the foot of rocks. One of them went up and found the boy disappeared, died on a rock. He had had to fall by wanting to escape because he carried no mark of wounds or ill-treatment. They buried him and the affair was classified: as regards the work of a spirit, there was nothing more to make.

Witness n°12

barmanou dessin de Jordi Magraner

...Our witness saw a hairy man three times, in August, 1985, on 1986 and 1987. In the same circontances, Lal ( the witness) led to graze its goats. At about 1:00 pm, he led them through a slope resulting in a meadow in 3450 meters in height. Some goats, by coughing, woke a hairy man who was lying at the foot of a big spruce. The tree, leaned in rocks trained a shelter by its low branches coming down up to the ground. The shepherd lives to take out the hairy man of its shelter. Little frightened in the vur of the man, the being in question threw him a stone, then turned heels and crossed calmly the meadow by using a stick held the left hand. He went to the summit and disappeared behind a crest.The hairy man stopped from time to time in his walking to pick vegetables and eat them. The observation lasted more than ten minutes, the frightened shepherd gathered its goats and made them get down again. In 1987, it was the first time when he saw him of if near (10 meters) and when the hairy man threw him a stone. The witness describes him as a strong and very hairy man... Iconographic Mark chooses by the witness: the man pongoïde...

Witness in 1987

To Chitral, there was this summer a testimony on the heights, in the forest. It is the first testimony which tells man's death. An inhabitant of the city of Chitral, who had left collecting some wood, was found dead, the smashed skull. Shortly after a 2nd man, left looking for some wood in the same place, get a naughty beating, in the point to have to go to the hospital. He survived but remained very disrupted. He managed to say that he was assaulted by a large-sized, dark and hairy man. He is certain that it was not about a bear because this individual threw objects (stones and wood) of a certain distance.

To be continued...

According to the extracts of the accounts depiction of the Troglodyte General assemblies of the Association.