Jordi Magraner's biography

Born Jorge Frederico Magraner the 6 december 1958 in Casablanca (Maroc),

Says Jordi in Catalan and of Spanish family.

He studies until 1980, obtains an agricultural B.T.S. then studies to end by a post-graduate diploma in zoology.

From 1978 till 1982, he is a member of an Ornithological Center of Rhône-Alpes (France)(Firm of study and protection of vertebres)

From 1980 till 1983 worked in agriculture and food-processing industry: transformation(processing), distribution, quality control and marketing of farm produces, as well as the problems of grounds and managed by the teams and the production of highways in the CETE, the main road in Grenoble, inventory faunistique wet zones of Vercors in the regional Park of Vercors, environmental protection of the natural zones of ecological, floral interest and faunistique in Isère, feasibility study of protection of site to the Regional academy of the Natural heritage of Lyon. He was a member of the Club Tropical fish enthusiast of Valence and member of the Circle Valentia.

Jordi meets Dr Heuvelmans in 1977, but she was only bookish, when he discovered his book " The man of Néanderthal is always alive " thanks to Suzanne Marius, one of his professors. Then another author, Russian, Dr Boris Porchner.It was surprised that since the publication of their book in 1974, the Science Oficielle has no all implemented to study the question. He understood the cruel reality of this situation that many years later.

bernard heuvelmans

To know more about the Professor Bernard Heuvelmans


Until 1986, Jordi is a member of the center " The Wolves of Dauphiné ".

Jordi hoped that Dr.Heuvelmans was going eventually succeed in this research. It is only in 1987 when Jordi had the opportunity to dash into this extraordinary scientific adventure thanks to numerous persons as Anne Dambricourt Malassé Doctor of the National natural history museum.

Jordi aux débuts de ses expéditions

Until 1987 then in 1989, he is a research analyst in zoology for the Ministry of Transport (CETE of Lyon), of Natural reserves and associations of nature conservation; Jordi made numerous naturalistic journeys through all Europe until 1987.


In 1988, he left with Yannick L' Homme to the Museum, 10 months and 9 months in 1990 with Erik L' Homme to the North of Pakistan and northeast of Afghanistan for the study of hominids relics.

jordi et yannick erick

In his return in France, in 1989, Jordi decided to contact Dr Heuvelmans and to show him his work.

Jordi et Erick

From 1991 till 1993 in National natural history museums of Paris as temporary replacement in herpetology.

In 1993, there were a researcher temporary replacement (3 ° university cycle) in ecological genetics to the EPHE(HIGHER LEARNING SCHOOL), to the laboratory of the Reptiles and Amphibians to the National natural history museum of Paris, introduced by Anne Dambricourt Malassé, where Jordi was welcomed by the current director, Professor Alain Dubois.

Registered since 1994 on the diploma of the Higher Learning School in the Laboratory of prehistory and paléoécologie (Sorbonne) in evolution of the circles and the bodies.

jordi chercheur

From December, 1994 till April, 1995, acting director of the French Alliance of Peshawar, in Pakistan (language course and cultural activities and management of the center).

Jordi Magraner
Jordi Jordi en su caballo en el District

To the Museum Jordi is with Théodore Monod and with Jean Chaline, favor to whom he had been able to register his research deprived within the framework of a report for the EPHE(HIGHER LEARNING SCHOOL), this status allowed him to integrate him into the French-Pakistani prehistoric mission CNRS-MUSEUM(NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH-MUSEUM) which managed Anne D.M in Hindu Kush in 1996 and 1997, as regards prehistory and not of collections of testimonies.

Creation of The Association TROGLODYTES.association Troglodytes

From July, 1996 till July, 1997, he was responsible for the logistics and the researcher in 2 missions on the prehistory of Hindu Kush, in Chitral ( Pakistan), organized for the National Museum of Natural history of Paris, via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


He was able to present his results in Language Origins Society, to Cambridge.

One of the brothers of Jordi, Andrès, contributed enormously to the realization of its projects, and was one of a help of the most committed. He remains today inconsolable.

A researcher to the CNRS(NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH), Claire Gaillard, to the Natural history museum helped a lot Jordi in her prehistoric missions of prospecting.

museum d'histoire naturelle de Paris

But also without the Academy of Science of the URSS, Jordi would never have had the subject to make a commitment in his turn in this research shared also with Chinese in 1958.

What made him famous, it is Pascal Sutra-Fourcade's movie ( See extracted videos) that represents two years of work and preparation for the most delicate and the most speculative, anthropological question.

In 1998, he establish an association of the name of GESCH, to help the badly known populations and culturally in danger of the mountain range of Hindu Kush, valley of Kalashs.

Jordi Magraner

During more than 10 years, Jordi travels and browses the North of Pakistan and the North - East from Afghanistan within the framework of its scientific researches. He was always sensitive to the unfortunate situation of the Afghan populations and put a lot into the voluntary humanitarian aid for these populations thanks to its experience in a NGO(NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) of international medical aid and to his knowledge the region and populations.From May, 1999 till August, 2001, he was a leader of program of a NGO(NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) ( International Medical aid) in Panjsher in Afghanistan.

aide médicale internationale aide humanitaire

He realized the publication of reports of files and studies, made conferences, reports and television.

conference de Jordi Magraner en 1992

He spoke the languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, khowar and Khalasha (language of Chitral in the North of Pakistan), French and more recently Urdu and Persia.


It is in April, 2001, that Jordi writes a letter at the post of Police of Chitral about threats, insults, troubles and propaganda against him in the valley of Chitral. For 3 years he rented a house Kalash to Bumburet in the village of Krakal called the house Sharakat. And since this time there a man began to look him for troubles, then several persons. Jordi was jealous by part his good insertion in the village, of his good agreement with the population, he was admired and adulated by Kalashs and other persons of the region of Bumburet.

maison Krakal de Jordi
intérieur de la maison de Jordi

On June 13th, 2002, Jordi decided to stop his missions owed to the threats and the plots which were made against him, because he helped Kalashs schools and because he approved the education Kalash (owed in indifferences of this former religion. The police had advised to him to go away from valleys some time.

It is between 2 and 3 aout on 2002 that Jordi was murdered in his house to Krakal in valley of Bumburet, found on his knifed desk. Maybe we'll never know the truth, or the authors of this horrible murder, because the authority Pakistannaises, the Spaniards and the Frenchwomen have never returned justice in this murder, an affair really too much impliquante. It is a crime of the Talibans apparently because Jordi was installed in an occupied zone by the leaders Talibans but according to the police of Chitral it is an acquisitive crime to steal him but one or several authors have to steal nothing.The police has never arrested one or several culprits of this drama because forgotten this day there, a pupil being in Jordi's house, studying has also be knifed. None media, with the exception of some newspapers (the Progress, Dauphiné, el Païs...) mediatized this subject.


Dawn 13 august 2002

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Jordi is an immense loss for the science, for her family and for his friends. His disappearance is a fate because its knowledge, its experiences and its researches meet of the challenge, it is a man who had many answers on the most important subjects and concerning us all, as the world scientique, the political, monetary, social, religious culture, the problems,Terrorists, the ethnic phenomena, the evolution of the man, our earth, its fauna and its flora... A unique man. He dedicated all his life to the research, to the conservation of our planet and our ancestors.

jordi magraner

In the impossibility to repatriate his body to his family with France, Jordi was bury to Bamburet accompanied with the men people and the women of three valleys Kalash, in the traditions Kalash, a funeral which will last several days, when more than 20 goats were sacrificed as want him the tradition Kalash. Our only consolation is that he wanted to stay and to live and remain in peace in valleys Kalash.