The Jordi Magraner's Troglodytes association


Logo de l'association Troglodytes crée par Jordi Magraner

Group of Studies on Hominids Relics of Central Asia, was create in 1989 on initiative of Jordi Magraner (President of the Association). His purpose is the study and the research on Hominids Relics in past and the present to characterize their status taxonomique and to protect found specimens whatever is their state. The helps and the funds of financing emanating various sponsors were naturally voluntary helps.

jordi jordi

Jordi Magraner( Director of the research program)

Presentation of the association TROGLODYTES

Conception and realization; place of the study; date of departure:

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History; objectives; methodology; results; distribution of the results:

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Stakes in the project of expedition 1993; objectives; methodology:

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( By respect for life deprived of every participants, their names are not revealed)

Newsletter of October 18th, 2001:

B Heuvelmans

The disappearance of Dr Bernard HEUVELMANS Clic here


The Wrens association does not exist any more since the death of Jordi Magraner.


According to the extracts of the accounts depiction of the Troglodyte General assemblies of the Association.