carte identite d'aide médicale internationale

He had on his reponsability the management of 6 private hospitals and 2 refugee camps as well as the provisioning in medicine, since Peshawar through the chain of HindouKouch, by running the Taliban blockade by collars of about 5000 meters in height. He was able to make pass with horses about 14 tons of medicine. They were the only NGO(NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) to cross by the line forehead to Tagab (northeast of Kabul)

T-shirt de l'aide médicale


He was able to introduce the democratic notion without the management of the private hospitals of Panjsher, by making participate actively the représantants of the population in the propallid of health and management. When we know Panjsher, it is a mini-revolution, accepted by very commander(major) Massood, having met, convinced him and have obtained his approval.

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According to the extracts of the accounts depiction of the Troglodyte General assemblies of the Association.